Thursday, May 11, 2006

President Jebby? Yeah, Surprise, Surprise

In a non-news story that at this point should surprise absolutely no one, Baby Doc is starting to talk up baby brother Jebby as the next pResident.

Jebby has said he won't run in 2008, but what the fuck does that mean? He's a Bush, for crissakes. That's what they do. They lie.

The ABC news story points out that while Der Monkey Fuehrer is posting polls in the low thirties, 55 percent of Florida voters think Jebby is doing a good job.

Only 55%. The ABC whore media outlet makes it out that this is something to crow over. Well, in comparison to Big Brother's polls, I guess it is, but you'd think someone who thinks he is presidential material would be ashamed of 55%, not proud of it. I don't know now what Baby Doc's approval ratings were when he was goobernator of Tex-ass, but I'm willing to be that the knuckledragging redneck participants in the slanted Texas polls gave him a higher rating than that. And that was after seeing firsthand what the little fucker did to their state.

I'm tempted to say that this is something worth watching, but I have the feeling that it's already a slam-dunk and Baby Bush is going to be the nominee. The BFEE can't afford to let the office slip to a lesser mortal.

Sorry, John McCain. All that sucking up you've been doing to the religious-right-fundo-wackjobs will have been for naught. It won't have gotten you the nomination, but all you will have lost is your dignity, self-respect, integrity and soul.