Thursday, May 04, 2006

It Had to Happen -- After All, They Are Republican Crybabies

Now Baby Doc and his minions, followers, hangers-on and assorted wingnuts are angry over Stephen Colbert's "assault" on him and his maladministration, and their lapdog media lackeys, at the White House Whore Press dinner at the Hinckley Hilton the other night.

Waaaaaah! Somebody called the waaaaaahmbulance! They all got their little feelings hurt when someone had the audacity, the nerve, the balls to make a series of clever and pointed jokes at the expense of the Codpiece Monkey, The Simpering Chimperor, the Empty Sleevejob.

Talk about people with absolutely no sense of humor. Where was their outrage when Bill Clinton was verbally attacked -- violently, egregiously, slanderously -- by the notorious "shock jock" Don Imus at a similar function a few years back?

Nowhere, that's where. They were rolling in the aisles, just so long as their own sacred cow -- i.e., themselves -- wasn't getting gored.

Piss on the whole lot of them, the bunch of wimpy-assed crybabies in the maladmininstration and their wussy-weenie lackeys in the SCLM/MSM.

Dan Froomkin has a lengthy column in the WaHoPo on the Colbert fallout that's well worth reading, and you might drop by Thank You Stephen Colbert to post your well-wishes for his incisive observations on Baby Doc and the deplorable state of the media.

Let's let Jon Stewart have the last word: Colbert "...was under the impression they had hired him to do the thing he does on TV every night..."

Imagine that.


JBlue said...

Drop by and see Stephen get a big KISS!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Cobert was brilliant.

waiting for justice said...

Finally, someone in media with balls. Too bad it had to be a comedian and not a journalist.

Elaine said...

Caught a bit (I belive at DU ) today where ABC kept the camera on Bush while Colbert ran his video...apparently W was not amused. At. All. >=)

I'm stuck on sucky dial-up and haven't had the time to wait 23 hours for it to load for me, but if you're able, I hope this addie will work for you (thankfully someone saved it before it disappeared a la youtube):

hmc_lavadogs said...

Colbert was great. The supposed liberal main stream media first wouldn't even cover it. Now all you hear is how Colbert crossed the line, by doing his act that he does everynight on his show, a few feet from the draft dodger himself. I love the sound of right-wingnut crying in the morning. Cobert's performance was barely covered on the 24-hour news channels until mid-week. The only true coverage I saw was on "Countdown w/ Keith Obermann" they showed a good bit of it and it was funny as hell. Then Dana "the gutless wonder" Milbank came on and said how not funny it was. The truth hurts I guess. On Softball (if you are the indicted republican criminal Sen. Tom "K-Street Project" Delay) w/ Chris "tweety bird" Mathews they showed "idiot boy" do his comedy routine with his double and praised our draft dodging uber fuhrer on how funny he was. Then Tweety bird stated, "What a bomb Colbert was." Idiots! Just like Rumsfeld today, when asked why did he lie about the location of WMD'S during the run up to war, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Did you see how the right-wingers in the audience booed, shoved and ripped protest signs from the hands of protesters. Pussies! The truth, they can't handle the truth!