Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging


Michael Caddell said...

Dude you made the blog roll on bloggers front page scroll. I clicked it wondering what "kind of pissed off veteran" and was happily surprised finding a kindred pissed off guy. Check out my blog [which is complimented with my barn press flyer] at: This is great stuff consider sending along stuff to me for Kansas "Red Staters" to read.

Bruce Hodder said...

What a great photo. I came over like the previous commenter because of the blog name, but how nice to find a picture of such peace and domesticity as well as all the necessary, incisive comment on the disaster of the Bush presidency (which has, by association, destroyed the Blair premiership over here in England). Peace and harmony and the things we love and the things that make life precious are the very things Bush and the gang are destroying, both in the US/UK and in Iraq. And I make no apology for sounding like an old hippie: I am an old hippie,albeit second generation.
Great,great blog. Keep it going.

Granny said...

I have a pair of cats like that. The other night they fell asleep in two baskets of clean laundry. The pillow talk is not uncommon either.

They're cuties.