Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Song Parody

John McCain
(to the tune of "Purple Rain" by the
Artist Formerly Known as Prince)
© 2008

I only want the CIA to torture
I only want to cause a lot of pain
I know I used to say I was against it
But I just can't help myself, I'm the liar John McCain

John McCain, causing pain
John McCain, 'gainst the grain
But he just can't help himself, he's the liar John McCain

I helped out my buddy Charles Keating
For all that cash I should have felt ashamed
I knew that it was wrong but I still took it
I really couldn't help it, I'm the corrupt John McCain.

John McCain, really lame
John McCain, not to blame
He really couldn't help it, he's the corrupt John McCain

That lobbyist they say I was in bed with
It wasn't for the sex it must be plain
You know that I was just there for the money
I really couldn't help it, I am greedy John McCain

John McCain, has no shame
John McCain, just the same
He really couldn't help it, he is greedy John McCain


nunya said...

dude watch this online, it scared the shit right out of me
Hagee endorses McCain

You're a love :)

pepsiholic said...

Hey Farns, I bet you could do an even better one with liar Obama and his crooked land deal, lies about NAFTA, lies about bringing the troops home from Iraq and lies about bringing America together.

abstractjenn said...

My god you are fucking fantastic

Farnsworth68 said...

Thank you, AJ. Now if I could only get She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to agree with you...
--The F Man

jae said...

"My god you are fucking fantastic"

I second that.

Rob the Granola Guy said...

Fucking brilliant dude. I'm so sending this link to all my good liberal friends.

pepsiholic said...

Hey Farns, about the Keating five... Wasn't it the democrats who were found guilty of interfering with the investigation? I don't remember McCain being convicted or even charged with wrongdoing. Questionable conduct sure... What is it with democrats and bribery? Abscam anyone???

mrln said...

What is it about the song parodist's brain that enables it to invade the DNA of a song, and like a virus, change it to serve his--or her-- own, deliciously subversive ends? Brilliant work, Farnsworth!
Hey, did you catch W's fancy footwork the other day? In keeping with W's wild west theme, the only thing missing was Yosemite Sam with a couple of six shooters, shouting.... "Dance!!"

abstractjenn said...

Fransworth - I need your help. For my thesis I need to find the number of troops that have been deployed to Iraq. I can't seem to find something that's up to date. Do you have any ideas of where I might for thing information? You can email me at

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Farns I really enjoyed your song..
Did you happen to see GWB dance the
other day..he is so arrogant..
How about a song that would depict a
dancing president..That could be fun..

fjb said...

Tooooo funny, damn I wish I had the talent to do this sort of thing.

Robert Whitlock said...

Where is the bottom!?