Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama Gets Support of Military Brass

Yesterday in a slap to the face of Rethug nominee John I-Sold-My-Soul-to-the-BFEE McCain, Barack Obama picked up the endorsement and support of no fewer than ten retired generals and admirals:

"Senator Obama has a profound, even scholarly knowledge of our Constitution and he has the deepest respect for the rule of law. As a career naval officer, I trust his judgment, his temperament, and his ability to analyze complex international situations and relationships and to make military decisions that are in the best long term interests of the United States," said Admiral (Ret.) Don Guter (USN). "It will take the powerful leadership of Senator Obama to forge the consensus we need to right our ship of state, restore our honorable place in the world, and secure the safety of our nation."
So how's that whole "I've got the military behind me" idea of yours working out for you, Grampaw Mac? Could it be that these guys, more than anyone else in the military-industrial complex, know where you are coming from and they just don't want another 100 years of war in Iraq? And you, Hillary, how're you coming with those "it's three AM" phone calls of yours? These are the guys who would be listening in on that DOD party line when you picked up the phone. Do they know something that you don't know?


pepsiholic said...

WOW!!! A whole ten of them huh??? I'm really impressed!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Daniel Owen said...

Obama's just as bad, though. He's too cowardly to stop the war or stand up and speak if his elite handlers decide to start another war.

Daniel Owen said...

You should enable comment moderation to get rid of your annoying hanger on, Pepsiholic.