Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fight McCain, Not Each Other

Right on the heels of my Carville post this morning, I received an email from Democracy for America asking me to sign an open letter to both candidates demanding that they keep focused on the November election:

We have an historic nomination battle, driving record Democratic turn-out and commanding the nation's attention. But, the Democratic race for President has lost its focus. We have John McCain to beat in November, instead we fight each other.
America needs to know our nominee will fight global warming with new jobs, technologies, and investment. Our nominee will expand health coverage to 10 million kids immediately, allow lifesaving research on stem cells, and work toward health care for all by the end of a first term. We will ban torture, restore habeas corpus, and build renewed respect for America around the world. A Democratic President will end the war in Iraq and bring our brave men and women home.
Let voters choose our nominee based on the best we have to offer, not the worst we can imagine. Join me in demanding Senators Clinton and Obama fight McCain, not each other.
As the email says, join me in demanding the candidates fight Grampaw McCain, and not each other!


Pepsiholic said...

"restore habeas corpus"

Hey Farns, when was habeas corpus taken away from us? Even the supreme court said that: In Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, 542 U.S. 507 (2004), the Supreme Court reaffirmed the right of United States citizens to seek writs of habeas corpus even when declared enemy combatants.

But lets take a look at previous precedents: In 1942, the Supreme Court ruled in Ex parte Quirin that unlawful combatant saboteurs could be denied habeas corpus (how is this Bush's fault again?) and tried by military commission, making a distinction between lawful and unlawful combatants. The 1950 case Johnson v. Eisentrager denied access to habeas corpus for nonresident aliens captured and imprisoned abroad in a US-administered foreign court. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habeas_corpus

merlallen said...

Not a bad idea. I've been wondering when they'd start attacking McSame.

NetAgra said...


It'd be fine and dandy if the candidates would stay focused on issues. But even if they did, the media never would.


Farnsworth68 said...

The MSM/SCLM needs to be taken down a peg or two. If the candidates focused on the issues, then the media would have to make up even more bullshit. They are fueling the flames on this, witness the whole "Hillary won Texas" meme (when the actual winner, when it comes to the only number that counts, convention delegates, was Obama) and the insufferable insistence on states won (another meaningless statistic).
I actually heard one of the chief talking heads (maybe Tweety Matthews, I don't recall) admit as much on a tv "news" show.
Oh, and welcome back, NA.

pesiholic said...

How can we talk about McCain when you have news like this:

US: Saddam Paid for Lawmakers' Iraq Trip

By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency secretly financed a trip to Iraq for three U.S. lawmakers during the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

The three anti-war Democrats made the trip in October 2002, while the Bush administration was trying to persuade Congress to authorize military action against Iraq. While traveling, they called for a diplomatic solution.

Prosecutors say that trip was arranged by Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a Michigan charity official, who was charged Wednesday with setting up the junket at the behest of Saddam's regime. Iraqi intelligence officials allegedly paid for the trip through an intermediary and rewarded Al-Hanooti with 2 million barrels of Iraqi oil.

The lawmakers are not named in the indictment but the dates correspond to a trip by Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonior of Michigan and Mike Thompson of California. None was charged and Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said investigators "have no information whatsoever" any of them knew the trip was underwritten by Saddam.

"Obviously, we didn't know it at the time," McDermott spokesman Michael DeCesare said Wednesday. "The trip was to see the plight of the Iraqi children. That's the only reason we went." (well that and the pocketfulls of cash that the typical corrupt democrats came back with.)