Thursday, March 27, 2008

How's that Surge Workin' Out for Ya, Grampaw?

Just in time for Grampaw McCain's triumphant return from the Middle East, where he managed to mangle to unrecognizability anyone's understanding of what is going on in Iraq, we get the news that the seven-month-long cease fire called by Moqtada Al Sadr is apparently now over.

Just for those of you who haven't been following along with the rest of us, it was that cease fire and not the so-called surge that was responsible for an apparent reduction in casualties on all sides over the last half a year.

Now that cease fire has been broken by US-directed raids against Al Sadr's Mahdi Army in Baghdad and Basra. The much-lauded and highly exaggerated "safe" Green Zone has come under sustained rocket and mortar attacks, to the point now where US personnel have been warned to stay indoors and refrain from eating together in mess halls.

Yeah, that surge sure worked well, didn't it? And now that the raids against the Shi'a are in full swing, a backlash is occurring among the youngest -- and the poorest -- Iraqis, who will flood into the ranks of the anti-US forces in Iraq.

Der Monkey Fuehrer is creating new enemies daily, and there's absolutely no indication -- or hope -- that a President McCain will do anything to alleviate that movement. If anything, The Man of the 100 Years will exacerbate it.

Remember, there wasn't an Al Qaeda presence in Iraq in 2003. But there is now.


SuLee said...

Loved a few of yesterday's headlines. For once, maybe the Der Monkey-Moron is right.

Diplomats Told to Take Cover in Baghdad (AP)

New Violence Shakes Things Up in Iraq (US News & World Report)

Bush: Iraq is Returning to Normal
(McClatchy Newspapers)


pepsiholic said...

Hey Farns, did you miss this part of the article?:

"Mollifying Sadr is crucial if he is to continue his cease-fire, which is credited with helping to reduce violence nationwide."

Now, why were you saying that the ceasefire with Sadr is over?

Anonymous said...

hell Farns, I'm looking forward to the Grampa presidency. Now we can have Lieberman whispering corrections into the president's ear instead of the vapid Nancy.

Can you believe this nation is reduced to this?

Farnsworth68 said...

If it weren't such a tragic choice for this nation, I'd look forward to it as well. Let's face it, this blog is geared to sliming the Rethugs, and if they're out of office, I'm out of a job.
That said, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. We just can't take another four years of the Rethugs. The stakes are too high.
But yeah, that image of LIEberman whispering into McCain's ear is gonna stay with me a long time.
Any bets on who Grampaw's VP choice will be? I'm betting on ole Joementum himself.
And if that happens, god help us.