Monday, March 24, 2008


It happened yesterday -- ironically, on Easter Sunday -- that the illegal Iraq Occupation claimed its 4000th American victim.

It's now been five long years and 4000 American deaths too many. And 97% of the dead Americans were murdered after Prezdint Codpiece strutted around that carrier deck to celebrate "Mission Accomplished".

It's way beyond time for it to end.

And the only way I can see out of it is to vote Democratic this fall. Neither Obama nor Clinton seems willing to bring the troops home as quickly as I would like, but both of them would bring them home faster than McCain.

Who won't bring them home at all, not as long as he wants to stay for a hundred years.

Or a thousand years.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a response to any particular post, however, I remember an earlier post in which you stated that you were NOT spat upon when you returned from Nam.

This article from the Odessa American. (TX) (is there a means of sending this to you directly and not take up space on the open forum?)

Guarding the soldiers

Patriot Guard wants people to remember military
March 24, 2008 - 2:17PM
Patriot Guard member "Wild" Bill McNeal remembers when he and other soldiers came home from Vietnam in the 1970s.

"Soldiers were spit at and had stuff thrown on them," he said. "There were people who were treated like dirt, were cussed at and screamed at."

Because of his and other veterans' experiences, McNeal said the Patriot Guard has a mission to make certain other West Texas soldiers don't have to endure what Vietnam veterans did.

"We're here to protect the soldiers and their families," he said. "We're here in case there's anybody being an idiot and not respecting these soldiers who're fighting for our country."

Just Friday, the Patriot Guard lined up once again. The leather-clad, flag-bearing guard gathered outside the Midland International Airport to welcome home 1st Lt. Nick McClure.

While no one gave McClure any trouble Friday, Teresa Galloway, West Texas contact coordinator for the Patriot Guard, said there indeed have been some here who haven't shown respect for returning soldiers.

"There have just been very few," she said with a smile. "I think they may be intimidated by all the guys in black and leather."

Even if a protestor did muster up the courage to battle the Patriot Guard, McNeal said members wouldn't let it bother them.

"We don't get into anything with any idiots who disrespect these brave men - we just stand still," he said. "We won't get into anything with them, but it doesn't mean we're not thinking we'd like to punch their lights out."

I wonder if Wild Bill was actually spat upon or witnessed others being spat upon?

Farnsworth68 said...

Go ahead and take up as much space as you need. I won't censor anything that shows up here, unless it's obvious spam or links to websites that will plant viruses, etc., on your pc.
That said, my best guess is that Wild Bill never actually experienced or witnessed the spitting himself. It's become a handy shorthand for the disdain with which Vietnam veterans were treated when we came home, and has the basic raw power to engage the imagination in a way that's immediately recognizable.
I'm not going to any longer make a flat-out statement that the spitting NEVER happened (you can't really prove a negative anyway) but it definitely did not happen to the extent that those who cite it want you to believe. I'd guess that it happened maybe once or twice (if at all), but you'd never know that from blanket statements like this.
I've posted on this numerous times in the past, but it's an idea that refuses to go away.

becks said...

What I find strange about this is the idea that people who are against the war are against the soldiers. I don't know anyone who would treat a soldier returning from Iraq with anything other than respect. I'm about as liberal as they come- it would never occur to me to blame a soldier for Chimpy McFlightsuit's failed war.

Because I dislike the current administration doesn't mean I hate America. Because I hate the war doesn't mean I don't respect the soldiers doing their part. It's actually this administration and our current government that continues to disrespect the men and women returning from Iraq. Look at the treatment the injured soldiers are getting at the hands of the VA. When was the last time a photo was taken and published of the flag draped coffins returning from Iraq with full military honors? When has anyone in the current administration done anything for the American Soldiers except send them into harms way and answer "SO?" when questioned about it. It's insult to injury and I'm damn tired of it.