Thursday, March 06, 2008

Negotiating out of Fear, or Fearing to Negotiate?

While I was away on the high seas, it seems that our very own Baby Doc rang in on the presidential race, criticizing Barack Obama for being willing to sit down and negotiate with "enemies of freedom".

Once again, life not only imitates art, it surpasses it.

Take a look at these photos, courtesy of Think Progress and Blogger Radio:

There are more photos on Blogger Radio, along with their acerbic commentary on exactly which "enemies of freedom" these are, and why Der Monkey Fuehrer is so willing to be seen holding hands -- and sucking face -- with them.

Ah, so many rightwing hypocrites, so little time...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Both I'd say, re your title. But if Obama makes it past the good ole boys club, he better take lessons before he sits down with those clowns, or they'll eat him alive!

Worried American said...

Obama has Big Business via Wall Street backers to guide him.