Thursday, March 13, 2008

McCain's Voting Record on Troops and Veterans

Over at The Daily Kos, there's an extensive list of John McCain's voting record when it comes to congressional bills that affect America's troops and veterans.

Included in that list you'll find these gems:

  1. August 2001 -- McCain votes against increasing the amount of cash available for veterans' medical care
  2. March 2004 -- McCain votes against creating a reserve fund for veterans' medical care
  3. March 2006 -- McCain votes against increasing veterans' medical services funding
  4. May 2006 -- McCain votes against additional funding to the VA for health care facilities
  5. September 2007 -- McCain votes against the Webb Amendment, which would have provided for adequate periods of rest between deployments to Iraq
There are many other examples -- I just picked out some of the juiciest.

Note that these are his actual votes. Talk's cheap, and Grampaw can say anything he wants to try to seduce America's veterans into voting for him in November, but it's going to be pretty hard for him to run away from his record.

And this is why Farnsworth always says, "a veteran voting for John McCain is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

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jae said...

"Note that these are his actual votes."

Thanks for that, I can use that tomorrow. Friends of mine are coming by in the morning to look at some of my woodworking to see if my style might be suitable to refinish their kitchen cabinets. They are both (I think) McCain supporters. This should put a damper on their enthusiasm - although they already voted for him in the NJ primaries.