Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What a Difference a Day Makes

First Fearless Leader said he'd fire anybody who leaked the name. Now he said he'll fire anyone who leaked the name who committed a crime.

Tomorrow he will say, "I'll fire anyone who leaked the name, was convicted of a crime, then sentenced to death and executed, then drawn and quartered, chopped and burned and then had his remaining molecules scattered to the four winds. His sorry ass is gonna be outta here!"

Karl Rove is still a traitor. Karl Rove is still on the job. We are paying Karl Traitor Rove's salary.

That makes us the suckers, doesn't it?

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merlallen said...

Eliot Abrams committed a crime. Eliot Abrams works for chickengeorge. Too bad nobody has the nerve to question him about the Iran Contra criminals in his misAdministration. Poindexter still works there, doesn't he? That's two convicted criminals.