Thursday, July 28, 2005

Struggle? The German Translation is Kampf

In an amazingly out-of-touch display of cluelessness, the Orwellian language mavens in the Smirking Chimp Maladministration have decided that we are no longer in a "war"...

No, now we are engaged in a "struggle".

The entire wingnut propaganda machine is now retooling itself to adapt to the new slogan: It's not war, it's a struggle.

A struggle. Jesus Christ, a "struggle" is when you're trying to get the top button on your 501s fastened after you've had that extra piece of Aunt Effie's pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

Nobody dies in a struggle. People die in a fucking war. Get a fucking clue, assholes.

And by the way, Adolph Hitler wrote a book in prison. It was called Mein Kampf. The English translation is My Struggle. Just in case you were wondering.

Maybe the Smirking Chimp will have his own opportunity to write a similarly-titled book. Under similar circumstances.

One can only hope.


merlallen said...

Did you see the clip on c&l where rummy started to say war and switched to struggle? funny as hell.

Fourth pew, center said...

That's even worse than "police action."