Sunday, July 31, 2005

Criminal on the Court

No one would tolerate a shoplifter on the Supreme Court. No one would countenance a forger. Or a carjacker. A purse-snatcher. A strong-arm robber. People that steal stuff are just not nice people.

Then why the fuck are the Democrats going to roll over and play dead for John Fuck Veterans Frenchfry Roberts?

Roberts was instrumental in the Florida debacle that overturned the will of the people and handed the election illegally over to The Chimp. That was thievery on such a grand scale that there should be a different vocabulary to describe it.

Now of course the Florida GOP is all, "Roberts? Roberts who? Oh, that guy. Yeah, maybe he was around some, but he didn't really do all that much."

Even the Jebster says he doesn't know him, despite the fact that the sleazy lawyer for the Repugs had a half-hour one-on-one strategy meeting with the governor.

Give me a break.

Imagine the outcry if the following alternate-universe scenario had played out (special thanks to for this one):

He's waited patiently for almost five years, and now -- finally -- President Gore, in his second term in office, has his long-desired chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice and so tip the court decisively in his direction.
Thanks to the infamous 5-4 Supreme Court decision in 2000 that threw the disputed Florida vote recount to Gore, the Republicans still nurse bitter feelings. Five years later, they have no doubt that Election 2000 -- in which their candidate won the majority popular vote -- was stolen from them by the dreaded and hated "Democrat Court."
Gore nonetheless seizes the moment, appears on national television in prime time, and announces his nomination of a sturdy-jawed woman of color, an exceedingly liberal lawyer, a Clinton favorite and former aide to Attorney General Janet Reno, whose name appears on the founding lists of (though she now claims she has no memory of "membership" in the organization).
Soon after her nomination, it is reported that, in 2000, when the Florida case was in the balance, she paid her way to Florida and played a behind-the-scenes role on the David Boies legal team, worked in the shadows, and spent half an hour in a "very arcane discussion" with the busy then-candidate Al Gore.
The people around Gore at the time now claim not to remember much about her role and are sure that means it was insignificant.
Just imagine it.

Now tell me, what is wrong with the Democratic party in this country?