Thursday, July 21, 2005

Finally! The Bush Twins Enlist!

Saw the whole story on The Heretik, complete with a photo of Jenna and Not-Jenna wearing their stylish new C2H5OH helmets.

The twins have enlisted to drink until the war is over. "Like our dad said, war is hard work," Not-Jenna said. "So we're going to do some hard drinking."

Ah, would that it were true. As you know, I'm a fervent believer in the redemptive power of military training, especially for the rich, the spoiled, the arrogant and the lazy. I think the dynamic duo fall into those categories in multiple places.

It has been 426 days since they graduated from college. Isn't it about time they tried to stand on their own two feet? At attention. At Fort Polk. In August. For several hours. Followed by thirty minutes in the so-called front-leaning rest.

Discipline and self-control -- it's exactly what they are lacking, and it's exactly what military training will provide them.

There might still be a chance that we'll see the twins in uniform. It is their patriotic duty, after all.