Sunday, July 31, 2005

Okay, a Little Sunday Levity...

God knows we need it. Here's my favorite Bush story:

Three surgeons were sitting around talking one night, bragging about their most successful operations.

Dr. Chappell says, "I once sewed back three fingers on the hand of a music student and today that man is a concert pianist."

Dr. Pattin rolls her eyes. "You think that's so great? I once sewed the leg back on a high school soccer player and today that man is the top scoring place kicker for the NFL."

Dr. Ihlang retorts, "Shit, that's nothing. When I was down in Texas, I came across the worst accident I ever saw. A cowboy was riding his horse along the railroad track and along came a train. When they cleaned up the mess, there was nothing left but a cowboy hat and a horse's ass. I sewed them together and today that man is the President of the United States."