Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Slacker Children of the Baby Boomer Generation

What would you think of a family that had two college graduates who are still living at home over one year after they graduated from college, who still don't have a job, and who are still sponging off of mom and dad?

Isn't that a classic sign of your typical weak-willed slacker Doctor Spock-reading baby-boomer parents who made a career out of sitting around Liberal Marin County or its equivalent, eating French cheese, drinking imported designer water and smoking hand-rolled spliffs?

It's no wonder the kids turned out they way they did, given their poor upbringing. They are already behind the game and falling farther behind with each passing day. Would it surprise you if they eventually turned up on welfare, pushing rusty shopping carts and showing the unmistakable signs of terminal food stamp poisoning?

I'm sure you would agree with me that these parents need to practice a little Tough Love. These children need to take control of their lives, stop being the equivalent of welfare bums still living with their parents, and grow up. What they need is some self-discipline, some direction in life, some goal-oriented training that will help them to become the decent hard-working taxpaying citizens that they so desperately need to become.

The answer of course is obvious, the same as it is for every other red-blooded healthy unemployed American youth: Join the military.

There's really no rational reason why Jenna and Barbara Bush are not in uniform.