Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh, Yeah. This Makes Sense.

Kindasleazy Rice and her entourage were allegedly roughed up by guards during a diplomatic visit to fucking Sudan, of all places.

What the fuck?

We can read all of the MSM and SCLM reports about this that we want, but what the hell REALLY went on there? Can it be that Rice's "diplomacy" wasn't taken really well by her hosts in that African nation also known as "hell on earth"?

We will probably never know what really happened, since the whore media won't tell us -- especially after one of their own, NBC's Andrea Mitchell, was allegedly victimized by the Sadists of Sudan.

Jesus, would someone please just TELL US what happened?

1 Comment:

merlallen said...

The nerve of those Sudanese. Who do they think they are? chickengeorge bush? It's funny that kindasleazy gets pissed when other people act like her "husband" the coward bush. Can you tell that I despise these incompetent pricks?