Saturday, July 23, 2005

Veto? What the Fuck?

Preznit Smirking Chimp says he will veto the defense spending bill if it includes language that regulates the Pentagon's treatment of "detainees" -- or even if it sets up a commission to investigate Guantanamo and other prisons.

Veto? The sonofabitch has yet to veto one goddamn bill in four and half years, and now this is going to be his showdown veto?

As my old granny used to say, "that boy ain't right in the head".

This is a goddam defense spending bill, for christ sake. He's going to hold our own troops hostage to his desire to torture those funny-lookin' folks with the towels on their heads.

Great. Let him veto it. That will be yet another black mark against him in the history books. It's just too bad that I'm too old to still be around when the true history of the Bush Maladminstration is written.


merlallen said...

empty threat

Anonymous said...

You said it first, just distractions from what is really important. Rove...