Monday, July 18, 2005

It's the Supreme Court, Stupid

Look for a surprise announcement of a patently unqualified faith-based right-wing Constitution-in-Exile racist homophobic anti-choice Supreme Court nominee in the next day or two to take the heat off of Karl "Traitor" Rove and Prez'dint Imastoopid Numnutz.

Nothing like poking a stick in a different wasp nest to take the focus of the lapdog media and their willing co-conspirators in the Moron-American voting bloc off of the one that's stinging you in the ass.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry clicked on the wrong ROVE topic, am reposting here...
Found it... and only two days after you predicted the LIBERAL media will drop the real story...

They actually talked about the cover up a bit, however one has to wonder if they are another tabloid or what. Notice the begging of the article who it claims to be written by and the link above…
Bush picks D.C. judge for Supreme Court
Little-known Roberts has the credentials, he says
New York Times, Cox News Service
Posted: July 19, 2005

Washington - President

must I always be confused? Who is New York Times, Cox News service? And why is the article on

Points of interest in the article:
“What is more newsworthy - the announcement of a Supreme Court nominee or Karl Rove?" Clarke said. "If you did a poll of the American people and said, 'Where do you want Congress and the news media spending their time?', it would be on the Supreme Court nominee, not Karl Rove." ROVE is my vote but you did not ask me you just assumed that your side would win as usual.
“Abortion rights groups have faulted Roberts for arguing, as deputy solicitor general for the first Bush administration in 1990, in favor of a government regulation banning abortion-related counseling in federally financed family planning programs.
He also helped write a brief then that restated the first Bush administration's formal opposition to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that found a constitutional right to abortion, contending, "We continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

If this is true, he will not stand a chance of being on the supreme court and this is just the Rue you indicated it was.

On top of this if you do a Google news search for ROVE you will not find a current article that is not a tabloid. One tabloid was talking about how Plame was pretending to be Cheney while he was whisked off for surgery...

Nobody is talking about Rove, now, as if this anti abortionist will ever make the supreme court. Is this a case of politics running the media, or is the media running politics?