Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Keeping it Real, People

Just a reminder to everyone who has been caught up in the Supreme Court follies, or any of a large number of other diversions trotted before us by the swine media:

Karl Rove is still guilty of treason! Karl Rove is still working at the White House!

He ought to be fired NOW, not years from now. But Doonesbury had it right today: Turdblossom is probably going to get a promotion.

Fuck this. When are the Moron-American red state family values idiots going to realize that they are being royally screwed by these neocon pigs?


merlallen said...

They don't care. Remember, chickenshit george is a "christian". That's what they care about.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something in the bible about evil infiltrating their religion before the last days? Bush is trying to make the Bible happen?

Things are very strange now a dayz...

Speaking of Rove, I haven't heard about him lately. Did he lie to the grand jury or not? Did he commit Treason in a time of war or not? Do we have to wait till this fall to find out?

Always confused these days...