Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Speak Up and Get Slapped -- Even if You are GOP!

The GOP Congressmen who headed efforts in 2004 to make the House leadership aware of the looming shortfall in VA health care were fired for their troubles.

Chris Smith (NJ) was chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee when he informed the Politburo of the People's Chamber of Deputies that VA needed at least $2.5 billion more. For his trouble he was rebuked by his fellow Repugs for his alarmist outburst,and subsequently he lost his chairmanship.

Fellow committee members Rob Simmons (CT) and Rick Renzi (AZ) who spoke out in support of Smith were unceremoniously booted off as well.

Delay, Hastert and the other sleazy members of the Politburo remain silent on the subject except for a Delay sock puppet who lamely claimed, "we didn't see any indication that there was going to be a shortfall".

Yeah, right. And I didn't know that the sun was going to come up today.

Like the private citizens who try to exercise their right to speak out, these three public servants have been effectively silenced by their jackbooted thug overlords in the American Reichstag.

And meanwhile the Repugs seem to forget that American veterans are dying for lack of available care at VA medical facilities.

This is an appalling abuse of power, and we have to change it.

Get out and start campaigning NOW for every Democrat in sight. This long nightmare for America's veterans won't end until we get a progressive majority back in Congress, and even then it's going to be a long uphill battle.


merlallen said...

The support our troops crowd don't give a flying fuck about veterans. Tax their magnets and watch the magnets fly off the SUVs.

Anonymous said...

Simmons isn't so great on Veterans issues either. Look at this appalling flip flop he made in late May.

Farnsworth68 said...

Another spineless jerk, at the beck and call of his overlord masters.
Of course the guy IS a Repug, and assuming he wants to remain one (for some unfathomable reason), he has to jump through some hoops. Even flaming ones.
I guess...

Anonymous said...

So all of congress and the president are breaking the constitution? Who will save the US.