Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Harkin Amendment Calls for Balance at AFVN

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has introduced an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that would require Armed Forces Radio to provide balanced political programming, and establish an ombudsman position.

A total of over 64 hours per week of AFVN broadcasting consists of rightwing vocal vomit, with the likes of Rush "Dope Addict Pimple Ass Chickenhawk Professional Blowhard Fourth-Wife Family Values" Limbaugh spewing and endless stream of invective against the left in this country -- there is no counterbalancing programming, nor is there any solid requirement for it.

The Pigboy of course claims that HE'S the counterbalance. Against, of all things, National Public Radio. Jesus, it's come to this?

There used to be something called The Fairness Doctrine in this country. Our boy Ronnie Ray-gun appointed FCC commissioners who eventualy got rid of it in 1987. I say let's bring it back, and let's start with AFVN.

Read the full story on Media Matters for America, read the text of the Harkin Amendment, and let your senators know that you support it.

Let's support our troops by showing them that there is a voice of reason left in this nation.

While there still is.


Anonymous said...

How about an amendment that requires 100% free health care for life for our VETS? I think it would be great to make sure all our war hero's get quality health care for such dedication! Better pension would be good also.

How about supporting our troops instead of bombarding them with propaganda?

How many VA hospitals could we keep open with their budget?

Why not cut back some of the other government budgets and fix VA hospitals and pensions? Do we really need all of the FCC staff? or the FDA? cut the budget and fund the people who fight for our freedom regardless of where they may be sent.

Anonymous said...

Look, LOOK!!! Another smoke screen... where oh where did our Rove go?

All sorts of news that isn't about him isn't that kind of funny? The last thing I heard was him being compared to Martha Stewart and lying to an investigation. And POOF! Not one more story about it. Even our liberal Blogs have better things to rant about!