Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Interactive War Casualty Map

Kudos to the Palm Beach Post for creating an interactive map of the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

See it here. Color-coded circles on the map show the number of casualties per town, and clicking on the circle will bring up data on the individual servicemen and women from that town who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It would be a nice addition to have a photograph of each of the dead on the website as well, to remind us that every dead soldier or marine or airman had a face, and a family that has been shattered by his or her death.

Certain sections of the country seem to be giving more than would appear to be their "fair share", even when you account for population variations. Take a look and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

I looked at the map and it really brought home those that have died. You really don't realize the scoop till you see the colored circles, damn I almost threw up!!! The bastards that started this war should burn in hell!