Sunday, July 24, 2005

Treason and Reason

Alan Bisbort at the Hartford Advocate calls it:

"The talking point for the next election: Republicans stand for Treason; Democrats stand for Reason. This was established during a Senate vote this week for an amendment to a homeland security appropriations bill that would deny access to classified material to any federal employee who discloses a covert CIA agent's identity. The bill was defeated, the vote breaking down along straight party lines, 53 to 44. The ruling party -- the Ruling Class -- has ossified, a sure sign of a government that will soon (but not soon enough!) collapse under the sheer weight of its own bullshit."
See the complete commentary and pass it on. Especially if you know any Democratic Party insiders who could use some good advice on winning elections...

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

More Smoke the Democan'ts voted for the war, and everything else da shrub boy stuck in their mouths!

Why are the Demo's letting this Rove thing spin away from them? Are they all really that stupid and careless?