Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pardongate II -- Another Bush I Legacy

Check out the guest reader commentary on Buzzflash today, asking The One Question that the Senate Judiciary Committee should ask Judge John Fuck Veterans Roberts during his nomination hearing.

Thanks to the obstructionist Poppy Bush and his inappropriate pardon of Iran-Contra traitors Casper Weinberger and five other co-conspirators two decades ago, The Chimp has historical precedent to pardon Karl "The Traitor" Rove -- and anyone else involved in the exposure of a CIA agent -- even before there is a trial, and even before there are charges filed. And, to add to it, he could impound all documentary evidence and lock it up permanently from public view because of "national security". That's exactly what his daddy did way back when.

That means that all this work by the special prosecutor will have been in vain, the Turdblossom will walk without doing the frogmarch, and Prezdint Codpiece Numnutz will be able to retire back to the ranch and jack off some more horses.

And with Justice John French Fry Roberts on the Court to vote with the Scalia-Thomas Christo-Fascist bloc, don't look for The Supremes to help out.

This is a must-read commentary.