Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

It has now been 1273 days since Jenna and Not-Jenna Bush, the slacker offspring of Preznit Numnutz, graduated from college and they are still not in the uniform of the US armed services.

Why? Because they have other priorities. They are too busy partying down in Georgetown, Argentina and god-knows-where-else to show their support for the war by enlisting their chickenhawk-child selves into the military service, that's why.

And it's not just The Twins: ONLY ONE member of the extended Bush family has seen fit to volunteer for military service. Check out the Buzzflash analysis of the chickenshit Bush/Cheney extended family and see for yourself. There's even a photo taken in 2000 of the extended Bush family, complete with a whole lot of young fresh faces who seem to be of an age now to be eligible to enlist.

Little Georgie Bush, the son of Jebbie, has just enlisted in the Naval Reserve. He's going into the Officer Training Program, preparing to be ... an intelligence officer. Okay, the obvious jokes aside, what are the chances he's ever going to see Iraq?

And I see in the news that little Jenna is engaged to a joker named Henry Hager. Wanna bet that he won't be wearing a uniform anytime soon? Like ever? Unlike both husbands of the daughters of Lyndon Johnson, both of whom went into the service and were sent to Vietnam.

Bush and Cheney were cowards during Vietnam who sent other men off to die in their place. Now the next generation is doing its part, sending their own peers off to die instead of them.

Why can't the Twins be more like their royal counterparts in the UK? The British Royal Family, unlike the Bush Crime Family, has a centuries-long tradition of honorable military service. Prince Andrew was a combat helicopter pilot in La Guerra de las Malvinas (aka the Falklands War) and Prince Harry, until the decision was made not to send him, was on his way to Iraq as a cavalry lieutenant. But even though he's not on his way to The Sandbox, he's still in uniform

Will the Bush Twins follow his example?

No, they will not. They are fucking cowards like their father and their Uncle Dick(less) Cheney.

Be sure to check out The Yellow Elephant blog, which asks the question "It's their war; why aren't they fighting it?"

BTW, the twins are also still not pregnant with their own Snowflake Babies. If they can't join the service, the least they could do would be to get themselves impregnated with a couple of blastocytes that would otherwise go into the garbage.

Remember what Farnsworth always says: Baste 'em, don't waste 'em.


The Truffle said...

The Bush twins keep getting kicked out of countries. Wouldn't sending them into Iraq be a violation of assorted international treaties? Or am I confusing them with Ann Coulter and Stalkin' Michelle Malkin?

Farnsworth68 said...

Welcome back, Truffle. You were missed.
And now that I think about it, I recall an acquaintance of mine who took a cruise to Alaska. One of the ports of call was a Canadian port, and he had to remain on the cruise ship because he'd had a DUI conviction a number of years back. (Canada has sure changed since I was a student at a college just a few miles from the Canadian border back in the early 70s--Vancouver BC's Gastown District was a mecca for all the under-legal-age drinkers at my campus, since the Canadian legal age in those days was 18; you actually took your life in your hands if you tried to make that 60-mile trip on an average weekend night.)
So that said, given that Baby Doc also had a DUI conviction, does that also mean that HE's a persona non grata in Canada as well.
Has he ever actually BEEN to Canada since he's been president.