Friday, November 23, 2007

Kucinich's Uphill Battle

Even after being totally marginalized by the horse-race media, you gotta hand it to Dennis Kucinch, who is still in there swinging.

Over at The Progressive, the ever-insightful John Nichols has a long think piece on Kucinich called Kucinich’s Challenge, wherein he offers a roadmap to the White House for the Kucinich campaign:

The challenge for Kucinich is a real one. He can run according to the rules and be a Democratic Harold Stassen, or he can break the rules and make his campaign a redemptive force. To do the former, he need merely continue campaigning as he now is. To do the latter, he must level with himself and with the voters and offer himself up as a representative of the idealistic insurgency that both the party and the country so sorely need.
An idealistic insurgency is what Gene McCarthy was the godfather of in 1968, which pulled the Democratic party to the left -- unfortunately in ways that it turned out weren't really anticipated in the heat of the battle in 1968.

So, at the risk of it turning into one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations, I think Kucinich ought to take to heart some of Nichols' suggestions, and I also urge each of you to toss a few bucks Dennis's way to help in the campaign.

Let's take back our democracy!

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