Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Political Compass

Okay, it's a slow day. Sunday afternoon and the rain is falling, I've already read my daily dose of comic strips and such, and then I stumbled on something called The Political Compass.

If you take the test, it will report back where you stand on an economic scale along with an authority/freedom scale.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is where I ended up after answering the questions and getting a plot on the graph:

Go ahead and take the test. See where you stand. And don't worry about not "getting it" -- there's a clear explanation at the end of the test, where you get your own grid marker and get to see what it means.


BAC said...

My red dot is in almost the same spot ... but then, probably most people who hang out with the people we hang with will be in that square.


betmo said...

i am apparently in good company :)

moderate said...

goddamn commie!

Anonymous said...

hey phony soldier, thanks, very interesting. I'm not as liberal as you "commies" but I was in the "right" (lower left) quadrant.