Saturday, November 17, 2007

Terrorist Organizations Get US Aid

Okay, if I have this straight, Der Monkey Feuhrer says that anyone who gives any kind of assistance -- including monetary aid -- to a terrorist organization is on the side of the terrorists. If that person happens to be an American, then he is guilty of treason.

Okay then.

According to a story in, of all places, the Chicago Tribune, the United States Agency for International Development funded groups with ties to terrorism on at least two occasions.

Got that?

So, using Baby Doc's own logic, shouldn't he voluntarily turn himself in for immediate "extraordinary rendition" to Gitmo or someplace even better?

I'm just asking...

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Anonymous said...

Well, this would be a big deal if we weren't the U.S. We do no wrong. Once you've got that concept down, it's all good. Yep, all good.