Friday, November 02, 2007

I'll Take My Toys and Go Home

The news today is that Baby Doc is whining that if Rudy's boy Mukasey doesn't get approval as the new AG, he just won't nominate anyone else and we'll be without an Attorney General in "time of war".

He's also sniveling that Mukasey is being held to a "unique and unfair standard".

Yeah, like the fact that he won't say whether waterboarding is torture. And Der Monkey Fuehrer is afraid that if we say we won't waterboard suspected terrorists, then Al Qaeda will know how they won't be tortured and they won't commit a terrorist act(!).

I know, it a piece of twisted logic that doesn't make any sense to me either, and it certainly doesn't account for "suicide bombers" who, by definition, couldn't give a shit about any kind of post-attack torture.

All in all, I hope the Dems keep Mukasey from the AG post. After what we've gone through with the last couple of AGs, it'll probably be a good thing to limp along without one for another 445 days.