Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh Sure, NOW He's Fighting Back

I was pissed at John Kerry in 2004 for refusing to fight back against the Swift Boat Liars for Bush, and my humble opinion is this: That refusal is what cost him the election.

So now Texas windbag and oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is strutting around saying that he'll give one million dollars to anyone who can disprove the allegations made by the lying cohort of Swifties in 2004, funded to the tune of some three million bucks by Pickens.

Shouldn't Pickens' current offer ought to at least match, if not exceed, what he poured into that scurrilous campaign?

But, that aside, now John Kerry has taken up Pickens' challenge and says he'll prove that the lying sack of crap John O'Neill and his pride of prevaricating pricks were wrong when they attacked his military service.

About fucking time, Senator. So where was that zeal, that energy, that outrage in 2004 when we really needed it?

But Pickens, in true Rethug form, says he "wouldn't consider giving Kerry the reward unless Kerry surrenders copies of his wartime journals, as well as movies he shot while on patrol and his complete military records for 1971 to 1978".

Movies he shot? Military records for years after he was in Vietnam? Jesus, what's next, his first grade report card?

Pickens it seems is already starting to backpedal, having shot his mouth off at some wingnut function, and now is worried that he might actually have to cough up the money. So he counters with what is essentially a gambling bet, that if Kerry can't prove the allegations wrong, he'll have to pull out his own checkbook and pony up his own million dollars.

To his credit, Kerry says he will donate Pickens' million to Paralyzed Veterans of America.

So this one, despite the fact that it's now almost ancient history, will bear watching, if only to see Kerry drag into the pig shit that overblown pompous windbag Pickens.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

A million dollars changes a lot of things...including stupid Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Sir,... John Kerry is George W Bush's cousin , Are you really surprised, at the fact he will not expose Bush?! Bush is his family and his partner; and they ultimately want the same thing WAR. John Kerry is a false choice.

It's time to wake up people, this administration and their cronies do not stand for the people, they only want to put more people in harms way by starting wars.

Dems & Repubs are all the same lying to the American people to further the profit of their war mongering businesses and war profiteer buddies....It's Time to Wake Up! Vote for Ron Paul!!

Farnsworth68 said...

A "false choice"? For what? The man isn't running again. And as for that whole "cousin" thing... well, thanks to I have learned that I am a cousin to no fewer than 12 presidents, including, sad to say, Der Monkey Feuhrer (8th cousin 2 times removed). Does that mean that I have to support him because he's "family"? And Kerry and Bush are no closer than 1th cousins 3 times removed.
You Ron Paul trolls are pretty desperate, I'd say.
About the only things I agree with Ron Paul about is his ant-war stance and his hatred of the neocons. I would never consider supporting a Libertarian presidential candidate because of their desire to dismantle valuable government programs such as Social Security.