Monday, November 26, 2007

"Veterans for Kucinich" -- WTF?

So I do a Google search for Veterans for Kucinich, hoping that there's an organization in place with its own website. No such luck. So then I tried entering "" in the address bar, and this is what I get. Same thing for "".

Maybe it's just me, but that really doesn't look like a Veterans for Kucinich website to me.

So the next step was to do a WhoIs search to find out who's got these domains locked up, and I learned that someone named Michael Hartsell in Missoula, Montana, is the registered owner of these two domains.

I don't know what Hartsell's angle is, but it certainly looks to me like cybersquatting. If that's the case, then when Kucinich gets the nomination these two domains will be for sale to the highest bidder.

It's an ugly practice, but it's also pretty widespread, despite numerous lawsuits that have been adjudicated against the cybersquatters.

Here's hoping that Hartsell's heart is in the right place, and that he's nailed down these domains against the chance that Kucinich will be the nominee, at which time he will donate them to the campaign.

Sidebar: Interestingly enough though, these domains are registered (and hosted) by the controversial, whose CEO Bob Parsons (a fellow Vietnam vet who ought to know better) is on record as stating that he did not believe that the "interrogation techniques" used in Gitmo were torture.

Okay, to Parsons' credit, he later withdrew this statement, but still...