Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's Wrong With Our Schools?

They never had this kind of thing when I went to school (of course when I went to school, we had to bring a tote-sack full of coal each morning for the stove and we did our figures with chalk on slates).

Anyway, up in Methuen, Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border, at the alternative high school, they've recreated a part of the sixties: Vietnam War protesters, counter-protesters, even a mock arrest.

Read the full story for a peek into the kind of learning that wasn't available to us back in the day. And apparently isn't available except to a so-called "alternative" high school.

One of the problems with Education Inc. in this country is that they are failing to engage our youth in anything meaningful. It's kind of bound up in the whole testing-our-students-failing-our-schools No Child Left Behind (aka No School Left Standing) crapola, but if "regular" schools were able to engage students the way alternative schools do, we would be a whole lot better off.

One size fits all doesn't work at the mall, doesn't work at the auto repair shop, doesn't work at the pizza parlor, and it certainly doesn't work in our schools.