Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Starting the Discussion on the "T" Word

I'll admit up front that since the 2004 VP debate, I'm not a big fan of John Edwards. His dismal nonperfomance in that puppet show marked one of the lowest points in a Democratic campaign that was nothing but low points.

That said, though, props to Edwards for bringing up the dreaded "T" word. Every responsible analyst/economist agrees, maybe not in public, that the only way to turn around this country and start paying off the horrendous debt that the BFEE has saddled us with is to ... raise taxes.

Health care is a good place to start. Something HAS to be done with the health care system in this country, and it's a source of international shame that we are the very last industrialized nation that hasn't instituted some kind of national health care system.

Edwards' proposal is actually a fairly decent one, and a good place to start the discussion.


C-dell said...

A lot of time people want things, but don't want to pay the price for them. It may not be the people's fault, but america is like a family we may not always get along,but if one of us messes up we all have to help protect our family.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You can bet he'll be demonized for that bit of bravery/stupidity.