Monday, February 05, 2007

And Speaking of Iran...

Here's something we need to see before we start dropping bombs and launching missles.

Make sure your speakers are plugged in and turned on.


Anonymous said...

Maybe before we worry about Iran, America can keep it's promises to its veterans.

I'm a veteran and I recently wanted to get a job as a security officer. I was informed that I would have to be registered because of a law started in 2004. The issue I have is that this law discourages people from applying for this job. Though I served as a security/peacekeeper in Kosovo that doesen't matter and doesen't qualify me to be a lowly security officer in california. That is an insult to any veteran who has served in a security role in another nation. There should be a waiver for veterans who qualify.

I was told that I have to take an 8 hour class called "powers to arrest". The class is academic only to the lowest standards. This class is nothing more than a "backdoor tax" designed to get some more money out of people. They give you the answers to the test in the class. The class cost $80

Next, I was told I would have to take an FBI and DOJ backround check. This check has taken almost a month. This cost $76

Next, I had to send in the application to be registered as a security officer. This cost $51

This isn't including the time involved. I had to wait until january 6th, 2007 to take the class. I had to drive for an hour to get to the class. I had to drive for another hour to do the backround check. I had to fill out the registration application and mail it myself. Now I have been waiting and have been informed that my application is in review and may be approved on Febuary 20, 2007.

This entire process has taken me almost 2 months. I can't even have an interview with an employer until I recieve my registration. So I've waited almost 2 months and can't even apply for a job. The applying will take a lot of time. I will apply then wait about 2 weeks for an interview and then a possible job.

Is this Bush's idea of a great economy? What are the people who made up these rules trying to do? Are they trying to force me to become a salesperson or a laborer? This is tyranny!

It's said soldiers fight so we can be free. How is this freedom when I have to be held hostage for over 2 months so I can get a job that puts me at poverty level income?

fjb said...

Thank-you. It's not the backward nation that the administration and press make it out to be, is it. Yes, there are problems, there's no denying that.

Do they honestly require yet another useless war based on fear mongering, and the needs of a bunch of unscrupulous bastards in Washington, to solve them? No.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that. I truly hope that idiot monkey faced pres doesn't destroy that beautiful country.

Chuck said...

what is there to say...we have just god-awful people in charge of this government...and obviously, an impotent sad