Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Return of the Swifties. Again.

Just to show you that you can't keep a bad idea down, members of the infamous Swift Boat Liars for Bush are sticking their pointy snoots into the marketplace of ideas again, this time to discuss something they are calling "The Left’s Repeated Campaign Against The American Soldier".

Yeah, like it was "the left" that mismanaged the two-war-front, that sent men into battle without proper equipment, that underfunded the VA, that allowed Walter Reed to fall into such shameful state, etc etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Our good buddy George Bud (aka "The Liar", aka "Brain Damaged from NVA Torture") Day is again in the forefront of this movement, as is one US Rep Sam Johnson of Texas, who made a speech just the other day basically calling any attempt to curtail funding for the Iraq war "treason".

Apparently ole Sam just plumb forgot that he was one of the "traitors" of the right who supported withholding Bosnia funds in 1995. Yeah, he's a BIG supporter of "the troops", all right. Like I've said before, it all depends on who's yer preznit.

Fuck these assholes. They are beneath contempt, but the sad thing is that they are luring many of my fellow veterans into their snare, just like they did in 2004 and the Kerry smear campaign of lies.

The only thing we can do is fight back against the motherfuckers with everything we've got. You know, the way Kerry didn't fight in 2004.