Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kerry "a Hero", Faux News Ignores It

Yesterday a story came out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on the nomination of a rightwing asshole named Sam Fox. Fox was -- surprise -- a big fundraiser for Baby Doc during 2004, and these types are generally rewarded with some minor diplomatic post somewhere where they can't do much harm; this time it's ambassador to Belgium.

So in the hearing John Kerry -- with a fighting spirit we did not see in 2004 -- ripped the guy on his $50,000 donation to the Swift Boat Liars for Bush. And he wrung out of him an admission that John Kerry was, in fact, a Vietnam War hero.

Bob Geiger over at has reprinted a lengthy excerpt from the interchange between Kerry and Fox.

Here's a link to all of the news stories covering the hearing, and in the vast majority of them, the "you're a hero" quote is prominently mentioned.

Not on Faux News, though. Here's a link to their coverage. No hero status for their favorite political victim from 2004 in their coverage, thank you very much.

Oh, and Sam Fox's excuse for donating the cash to the Swifties? "I didn't know about it and besides, everybody else was doing it."

Jesus, what is this, third grade? Kerry is right -- this guy has so many ethical shortcomings that he should be a candidate for remedial social studies, not for representing our country as fucking ambassador, for crissakes.


Anonymous said...

Google 'San Fox, Israel', 'don't take a weather man'... As for Kerry, IMHO he is a wannabe ass wipe. I knew him in VVAW in '68' and the 'real deal folks' in VVAW, hated him as a self serving poseur, and I agree. He served in Vietnam, I respect that. But what guy goes into combat with a 16mm camera rolling. Give me a break. I live in Massachusetts, the last person you want to go for Veterans Issues is John Kerry. He used us for political capital, and then developed amnesia. Fuck him, I known him for 39 years, I have lived with his bullshit in Massachusetts all these years. I'd rather take a midnight ride on the 'Vineyard' from Teddy Kennedy....

You can tell the sheep from the wolfs by their deeds....


PS: Fuck the Swift Boat assholes as well

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, nobody was more pissed than me at the poor fight the fucker put up in 2004. He basically laid down for the Bushistas, and it made the rest of us out in the hinterlands look really fucking stupid for blindly following along.
In my heart of hearts, I believe that the Dems intentionally threw the fight. It was actually the smart thing to do, since a President Kerry would have been hobbled and hogtied having to face a Rethug congress, and the Dems would never have made such great strides in taking back the House and the Senate in 2006.
I'm just pissed that we weren't let in on the secret. It would have saved us a lot of blood, toil, tears and sweat.
Not to mention a whole lot of cold hard cash that I could've used for better things.
Like beer.

BTW, I've heard the whole "movie camera" criticism before (in fact, from the Swifties, as I recall), but I can't really fault the guy for having a camera with him. I had a nifty little Canon Super 8 myself, and came home with dozens of little reels of film. I was in the Transportation Corps, though, so it's mostly jerky footage of bad roads through shabby villages, rice paddies, rubber plantations and burnt-back jungle, all taken from the cab of a speeding deuce-and-a-half.

Anonymous said...

"Reporting For Duty", Kerry 2006, it's almost as lame as "mission acompliashed", GWB. BTW, Kerry took the films of himself in 'contact' with the enemy. I don't know about you but when the lead starts flying a camera was the last thing on my mind, especially a movie camera. I flew a number of missions the Delta in support of the Swift boats, it was a bad AO, no time to have your thumb up your ass playing 'Stanley Kubrick'.

During the 2000 Election the Boston Globe interviewed him in is his Beacon Hill home and Kerry actually showed his war films to the reporter. The reporter was not impressed and the Globe is a very liberal newspaper.

Did you 'Google' Sam Fox, I wonder? I understand you are a dyed in the wool Democrat, but you'll have to pardon my cynicism here, but both the parties have one fatal flaw that is going to stoke the fires of the endless wars of the 21st century and that is our unfettered and uncritical support for the state of Israel. I'm sure this statement would get me branded as an 'anti-semite', but need I remind you that Arabs are semite's as well.

Israel has been planning revenge for their defeat by Hizbollah in the Lebanon war of 2006. Within the next six months, Israel will strike Iran's nuclear facilities with tactical nuclear weapons. The US will find an excuse to get involved and I don't want think about the rest.

Google 'Scott Ritter attack on Iran', read his interview. He is dead spot on. Everyone called him a liar over WMD in Iraq.

Keep on Trucking,

Peace Vet said...

I don't know guys. The only photos I have from my holiday are in The Vietnam Photo Book but a lot of guys in my unit were taking pics all the time.

Hell I hooked up with a ole boonie and he had she boxes full of them. Some of me I wish he hadn't taken.
I still don't trust any politico but when the bastids starting attacking JK for his anti war stuff I had to jump into the fray. All I wanted him to do was dump his medals on a table and tell them all to kiss his arse. He didn't. I voted for him but he'll never get me again.

Never Forgive. Never Forget.

Anonymous said...

All I can remember is seeing Vet amputee's throw their Purple Hearts over the fence and seeing and knowing how painful that act of rebellion was. Kerry of course was grandstanding as usual, getting plenty of media coverage for his act of 'defiance', only later did he get caught for and admit to throwing PX bought medals over that fence(he kept his real medals). What a phony bastard.

In the early 70's Kerry's brother-in law was caught bugging his political rival's telephone switchboard. Of course Kerry denied any knowledge. Shit, Kerry made 'tricky dicky' look virtuous.....LOL


PS: Farnsworth, I promise I'll stop picking on Kerry.... ROTFLMAO

Farnsworth68 said...

Nah, Charlie, keep it up. I agree with Peace Vet, I'd never support or vote for him again. I was more than pleased when he made the announcement that he would not run in 2008.
Especially when he stiffed us at both the founding meeting and the first national conference -- which was held right in the DC area -- of Veterans and Military Families for Progress. VMFP grew out of -- and away from -- the Veterans for Kerry organization (I was a member of the state steering committee for VFK).
So, in the typically articulate words of Fearless Leader, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...fool you...we won't be fooled again."