Thursday, February 08, 2007

Apparently Size Does Matter

No one had a problem with Denny Make-That-Three-Triple-Cheeseburgers Hastert having a Pentagon jet in which to commute between DC and Chicago. It was deemed necessary and expedient for someone who is, after all, second in line to the presidency, to have secure transportation.

But what happens when the Dems take control and the Speaker of the House is suddenly a liberal? A woman? From San Francisco?

The House Rethugs are suddenly all over her for having the fucking nerve to expect the same thing her predecessor had: An airplane that can fly her non-stop from DC to her home district.

Their main objection? The size of the plane. The one she's asking for is bigger than Hastert's.

That's it. Never mind the fact that it has to be bigger since it has to fly farther. Oh, no.

Thankfully for the humor community, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Dickwad) has now rung in on the size issue. The headline: "Boehner Stiffs Pelosi".

Now if only Roy Blunt (R-Moron) would join him, the headlines could read "Pelosi Gets Blunt Boehner"...