Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Dollar Coin Makes (Another) Comeback

I'll admit it, I'm a big fan of the dollar coins. I tend to buy them by the roll so I can have them handy in my pocket change. Unfortunately they never caught on with the general public, and here's the main reason why: There are still dollar bills being made. People are creatures of habit and by and large won't change their ways until they have to.

The only way to get public acceptance of the dollar coin is to stop making the dollar bill. This happened in Canada and Australia, where the smallest bill is the $5 denomination. Same thing in the UK with the demise of the pound note.

But I've got a feeling that that will happen about the time we adopt the metric system. People are too resistant to change. It's a good thing that not everyone feels that way. Otherwise we'd never have developed vaccinations ("My father died of smallpox and it's good enough for me!") or put the first man on the moon.

BTW, a new email is going around about the new dollar coins is that they are part and parcel of the secular humanist attempt to drive god out of government: The motto "In God We Trust" is alleged to be missing from the coins.

As usual with this kind of crap, it's total bullshit. While I personally would much prefer that the motto be banished from public discourse, in this case I don't get my way. It's still on the coins, but it's on the edge, along with the usual e pluribus unum and the year of issue. See the Snopes article for the facts.

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Luthier said...

I'm with you brother!

Dump the $1 bill and the penny.