Monday, February 05, 2007

Remember the ... QM2?

You know the saying everything old is new again.

"Remember the Maine" got us into the Spanish American War. The sinking of the Lusitania got us into WWI.

I see that Cunard's new luxury liner, the Queen Mary 2, has Dubai as one of its regular ports of call. (Cunard was also, BTW, the owner of The Lusitania)

Dubai, for those who are still geographically challenged, is INSIDE THE FUCKING PERSIAN GULF. You have to go through the infamous 21-mile-wide Straits of Hormuz to get there.

The Persian Gulf. Only one of the hottest spots on the planet for things-that-can-go-wrong. And the US is steadily increasing its naval presence there. Which is why there's an admiral in charge (see my previous post on this question).

So can't anyone see that a luxury liner registered in a nation that is part of the so-called "Coalition of the Willing"
might just turn out to be a target of convenience for every whirling dervish Al Qaeda hashashin with access to a sea kayak and a backpack full of C4?

Or for a double-super-secret agent under the control of the BFEE to sabotage in a floating version of the Reichstag Fire, in order to provoke an attack against ... Iran.

Think about it.


freethoughtguy said...

Good news, everybody! The Queen Mary 2 has had smooth sailing (so far) in San Francisco Bay ...

jae said...

Damn. And see, I thought I was the only one who saw thru the madness....
As usual, I will say "Let's effing well hope not" and "that sounds like the perfect insanity that BushCo has shown all along" all in the same breath.