Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spitting. Again.

Jesus, will it never end. As I've said before in this blog, claims of spitting on veterans has become a shorthand way to denigrate anti-war protesters. Only problem is, it never happened to troops coming back from Vietnam and it isn't happening now.

One-legged Iraq War veteran Private Joshua Sparling, however, seems to be proud of the fact that he has been a one-man spittoon. Sparling has claimed that on numerous occasions he's been spat upon by protesters.

At the risk of sounding like a parrot, bullshit bullshit billshit.

Sparling is a professional Rethug agitator who hangs out with the likes of Sean Hannity and Ann "Thrax" Coulter. He shows up belligerent and obnoxious at anti-war rallies, actually trying to provoke someone into spitting on him. Trouble is, no one will actually do it, so he's reduced to just making shit up. Hey, they eat that up over in rightwing cuckoo-land.

One of the problems with his whole shtick, though, is that it only serves to resurrect the completely discounted urban legend about Vietnam veterans being spat on. In airports. On their way home from Vietnam.

Remember that not one single case of a Vietnam veteran being spat upon has ever been documented. But that doesn't matter, since proof and evidence are the province of the reality-based community. It still shows up in any simple Google News search.

Check out the full story of Joshua Sparling over at AlterNet. It's not a pretty sight, but someone needs to call out the fucker on his lies. And he can stop waving that bloody stump around -- he hasn't sacrificed nearly as much as 3085 of his fellow soldiers.