Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nebraska Vietnam/Korean War Museum Hoaxer Busted

I'd never heard of this story, but the attorney general for the state of Nebraska has reached an agreement with one Kyle Kopitke over multiple attempts to defraud the veterans of Nebraska (and apparently Mr. Kopitke has been a very busy boy, trying to set up other bogus veterans museums in other states as well).

Long story short, Kopitke has admitted defrauding veterans, has returned various items of memorabilia, and was slapped around royally by the state attorney general: "Mr. Kopitke is a professional con-artist who made a living off the sacrifices of Nebraska veterans ... He can never take advantage of another veteran in Nebraska again."

Sadly, the fucker spent all the money he collected and the state chose not to get a judgment against him for the cash. Okay, so beating a dead horse won't do anything for the horse, but it can make you feel better. I say get the judgment anyway -- you never know, he might win a lottery, have a rich uncle die, marry into wealth, etc. You just never know.