Saturday, July 01, 2006

Veteran Arrested for Thoughtcrime

Vietnam War Navy Corpsman Mike Ferner was arrested the other day for the heinous -- nay, treasonous -- crime of drinking a cup of coffee in the Chicago VA facility while wearing a Veterans for Peace t-shirt.

It's the little things. They just keep piling on, bit by bit, eroding our freedoms inch by inch, and most people can't see that we are sliding into a fascist dictatorship. This is appalling, and it'll be worth watching to see if Mike Ferner ultimately prevails. I don't see where he has a legal defense fund set up yet to help defend himself against this travesty, but it'll be worth contributing a few bucks when he does.

See more on Mike Ferner's activism here and here, and remember, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.


billie said...

people are actively denying farnsworth. that is the problem. there is no excuse for not knowing- it is all around us. we can change it but we have to want to- and thus far our numbers are few.

nunya said...

I didn't think I could be stunned. I am. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

JBlue said...

WTF. Creepy. But, really, what business did he have carrying tweezers and a toothpick? Sounds suspicious to me, like he might be going to, say, tweeze or pick somebody.