Friday, July 07, 2006

A Little Perspective

E. J Dionne has an amazing column in todays WoHoPo comparing the election in Mexico to the US election in 2000.

Imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on Scream Radio and Faux News if the Mexico election had the same elements: The governor of a pivotal state being the brother of one of the candidates; the votes in that state not completely counted because the recount was stopped by a crony court; a ridiculous system that gives undue influence to smaller states, with the result that the loser of the popular vote turns out to be the winner of the election.

If that happened in Mexico -- or any other country in the world -- the outrage would be palpable. On both sides of the political spectrum. Funny, isn't it, how putting on the other guy's shoes can change your own perspective?

So why did we allow it here? Why are we continuing to allow it? The 2004 election was stolen just as surely as the 2000 election -- the election fraud in Ohio was unmistakeable and undeniable.

Demand voter-verified and recountable paper ballots! It is the only way that we can restore faith in our election process.

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Anonymous said...

We're working hard to remove the shitstain that helped the Chimperor steal the Ohio election, and Ted is so far ahead in the polls even Blackwell might have a hard time rigging this one.