Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Christian Reconstructionists

Chances are you've never heard of Christian Reconstructionists, or if you have it's under their associated name, Dominionism. Either way, they're a scary lot, the true American Taliban.

Long story short, these assholes want nothing less than doing away completely with American democracy and substituting in its place a fundo Xian theocracy that believes in slavery ("it's in the Bible!") and stones to death all unbelievers, abortionists, homosexuals, fornicators and pornographers (just for starters). They also believe that democracy is heresy, public schools are satanic and evolution is demonic. And they call for the assassination of "tyrants" -- which under their definition I suppose would include public school teachers, "activist" judges, Democrats, liberals, film producers, nuns, agnostics, ACLU-ers, etc etc.

Ordinarily they'd be considered way out on the lunatic fringe on the American religio-political scene, right up there with the Branch Davidians and the Ramtha cult, but these fuckers have some powerful allies at the top of the Xian Right: James Focus-on-the-Fetus Dobson, world champion strongman Pat I-Can-Lift-a-Sherman-Tank Robertson, Jerry Tinky-Wink-is-a-Homo Falwell, among others.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (of which I am also proud to be a card-carrying dues-paying member) has an excellent article on the Reconstructionists in the July-August newsletter, which can also be viewed on line.

My advice is to check it out so you can see just how powerful and connected this splinter group is. There have been several calls lately for a constitutional convention for the purpose of forcing the so-called Gay Marriage Amendment into our US Constitution, but if that convention ever does get called (two-thirds of the state legislatures have to agree to call one--a difficult but certainly not an insurmountable number), it will be wide open. Anything goes. The entire thing can be shredded.

If that convention ever takes place, you can watch these Stone Age Mosaic Law troglodytes infiltrate the various state delegations in a shameful and disgusting attempt to completely do away with the Bill of Rights, the separation of church and state, in fact, even our entire system of government.

While I'm tempted to quote the character Scotty at the end of 1951's classic sci-fi movie The Thing from Another World: "Watch the skies! Watch the skies!", I think the line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar that Edward R. Murrow used at the close of the now-famous See it Now televised dismantling of Joseph McCarthy (immortalized in the must-see film of last year, George Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck), is more appropriate: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves"...

And it will be, if we let it happen. If the constitutional convention issue comes before the legislature in your state, contact your representatives and senators and tell them "NO!"


billie said...

excellent post!

Granny said...

I've written about these neanderthals more than once but no one seems to take them seriously.

I'm glad you do and I'm linking to this post so I won't be the only voice crying in the wilderness.


JBlue said...

I haven't heard of them, but I know many people here in the Bible Belt who would so easily fall under their spell, and that's what scares me: the potential. Maybe it's just a matter of time before this ignites and turns into a full-fledged blaze.

Great, you/they have me on the "kill" list (teacher).

billie said...

i have been on a roll at my place- i have been posting about fundamentalists as well as the israli-lebanese thing. mega shitstorm. luckily, i have a thick skin but boy have i been dusting up the folks on the right.

Mprez said...

IF you want to get really riled up, look at the web sites for 911 and the Scholars for Truth site. This has to do with this particular article too.