Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Osama Bin Who? Don't Ask the CIA

In the news is a report that the CIA has dissolved the special unit set up nearly ten years ago to hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

What with Der Monkey Fuehrer saying -- since 2002(!) -- shit like "I don't really think about him very much", plus the fact that it just has to be personally embarrassing to admit that you can't find a 6 foot 5 inch Saudi hooked up to a dialysis machine, the news doesn't surprise me.

Now that the guy has gone missing for 1760 days, they have probably come to the conclusion that even if they put his face on a milk carton, they aren't going to find him.

But still. If it is true that Bin Laden was responsible for 9-11, then don't you think that it (in the words of the Bush Maladministration) "sends a message to America's enemies" that we are "soft on terror"?

How much hypocrisy is one adminstration capable of? How much hypocrisy are we going to take from this pack of jackals? I thought we'd have reached our limit by now, but I guess you can't underestimate the ability of the Moron-American voting bloc to swallow as much shit as the BFEE can shovel in. I guess it isn't hypocrisy if the president does it.

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Anonymous said...

Once again you hit it on the head!