Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Geographical Coincidence?

Turns out that Steven Green, the ex-Army private who will likely be charged in the Iraqi rape-and-murder rampage, grew up in, of all places, Midland, Texas (see map).

Odd coincidence, that. Midland, Texas, may I remind you, is also the "hometown" of one George W. Baby Doc Bush who, although he managed to avoid service in his own war (Vietnam), is responsible for his own mass-scale rape-and-murder rampage in Iraq.

What is it, something in the fucking water down there? Too much crude oil residue in the air? So flat you can't get perspective?

Anyway, I've just given Green's lawyers the perfect excuse, the Texas Oil Patch version of the "Twinkie Defense". So, when y'all get that movie deal, just remember that you heard it here first...