Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Having it Both Ways

If you didn't believe up until now that the veto of the Stem Cell Bill was anything more than cynical political posturing, Tony Snow's backpedaling on Der Monkey Fuehrer's position ought to convince you otherwise.

IF he truly believed that the extraction of stem cells from a few of the over 400,000 blastocytes currently in deep freeze was immoral, was in fact "murder", his veto would be at least understandable.

But now Snow has been put in the position of claiming that Baby Doc didn't really mean it, that Snow had "overstated" his position.

Fuck that. Either he meant it, or his veto was meaningless, a red-meat pandering to the radical Christianist religious right, what with all that photo-op posing with the so-called Snowflake Babies (so named because "no two of them are alike and they're all white" -- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show).

And still, Snow didn't back off all the way, even after putting Josh Bolten in the awkward position of trying to defend the veto on Sunday's Meet the Press, where he was left floundering over the issue; on Monday Snow said that using federal funds to aid stem cell research was wrong because it involves "the destruction of a human life".

Unlike, I guess, sending over 2560 American soldiers to their deaths in the Quagmire in the Sand.

If Bushco truly believes that stem cell research caused the destruction of a human life, then why don't they ask their lapdog congress to pass a law outlawing all stem cell research? Instead, Snow last week went into a rambling monologue about encouraging private investment in firms that conduct stem cell research. To make money.

Market-driven morality? They are trying to have it both ways, and falling flat on both sides.

In the meantime, it has been 6 days since their father vetoed the Stem Cell bill in favor of widespread adoption of Snowflake Babies, and the Bush Twins are still not pregnant with their own little Snowflakes. Baste 'em or waste 'em.