Tuesday, July 25, 2006

VA "Care" for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases?

It's pretty much non-existent. A USA Today story describes the grief associated with long-term care for vveterans suffering the "signature combat wounds" of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I've long said that we are seeing a quantum increase in the number of severely disabled veterans, who are coming home alive -- if you can call it that -- but suffering from wounds that would have been fatal nearly 100% of the time in Vietnam.

And the VA, overworked and underfunded by the evil BFEE, still doesn't quite know what to do with them. They deal with them by running them through the VA facilities as quickly as possible and then dumping them out into nursing homes.

It is a travesty that this administration is treating wounded veterans this way. But I guess once you're disabled, you are no longer of use to The Empire. Get out of the way, cripple, and make room for more cannon fodder.

If you haven't read Dalton Trumbo's troubling anti-war masterpiece, Johnny Got His Gun in a while -- or if you've never read it -- I suggest you do so. It was written in 1939 and described the horrors experienced by a severely wounded WWI infantryman.

And the more things change, the more they remain the same...


Spadoman said...

This is another atrocity of this administration.
As for the VA figuring you aren't worth anything anymore, here's one for you.

I am a disabled Veteran at the 100% level.
I get 70% for PTSD and 30% for being unstable and therefore unemployable.
When the VA decided that Diabetes was caused by Agent Orange, I went in and had an exam since the VA told me I was a diabetic.
I was given a disability of 30% for the diabetes. I was told I would be 50% disabled because of diabetes, but because I didn't take the medication that was prescribed to me in the manner with which it was prescribed, then they would only grant me the 30%.
I figured I was then disabled as 70% PTSD and 30% Diabetes from Agent Orange exposure.
No such deal. The 30% for diabetes is 30% of the 30% "of me" that wasn't already disabled from the PTSD. (100% minus 70% equals 30%). Therefore, I now have 70% PTSD, 10% Diabetes and 20% unemployable.
Sounds complicated, but it proves you absolutely correct. They find you of no use, so your just calculated as a number on a disablity chart.
Thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

"signature combat wounds" What the fuck does that mean? I guess the pentagon applying the lessons of Vietnam is educating the media to more properly inform the public. These "signature wounded Veterans" are going to be out sourced to private nursing homes...lowest bidder of course. I can see the jackels scrambling to buy stock in 'McNursing home'...Goldman Sachs analysis, a strong buy. I may be old fashion but when I go to the VA and ask any older Veteran where the 'Crispy Critter Ward' is he knows what the fuck I'm talking about...

'Veteran with anger issues'

Spadoman said...

"Veteran" and "Anger Issues" go hand in hand!

I guess I am trying my hardest to be peaceful. After all, we want the war to end and many of us didn't want it to start in the first place. We must set the example to others and be peaceful.

But one time, I'd like to see John Murtha bitch slap the idiot across the aisle, who has never served his country, who is telling us that the VA funding will be cut yet again.

Anonymous said...

This story from California connected is called War stories from ward 7-D . This is about TBI it is vivid , hard to watch . But it shows and explain there is more of TBI ,and they do not know about it . here is the link to the story . http://www.caconnected.org/tv/archives/417

Anonymous said...

Spadoman said "Veteran" and "Anger Issues" go hand in hand!

"I guess I am trying my hardest to be peaceful"

Not me I feel like cracking some fucking neanderthal skulls!

Here's a MY idea of Peace since this endless war began

Nuke everybody that’s on Israel's shit list (except me) I’m going to a remote fucking island Aug 5 to the 19th. No TV, no newspapers, no MacDonald’s, No Russ'gimme another 40 MG of oxycontin'Limbaugh I expect this matter to settled by the 19th or there’s going to be some ‘unintended consequences’….Nuff said!

‘Veteran with anger issues’

Spadoman said...

Key word here is "trying" to be peaceful.

Welcome home, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Well I hear Congress Members asking for extra cash to make more bombs, and voting in favor of thier own raises, but I don't see any one fighting on Capital Hill for the Vet's that have done thier bidding. Raise the Defence Budget (again and again), send our Service Members into Combat indefinitely, and waive the Flags that we don't have to fold up. But what ever you do, don't give these Veteran programs the funing and/or assistance they need. Every Hospital we build takes, away from more "SMART" and "STEALTH" weaponry. Besides, a good Vet is a Vet who is willing to still sacrafice (even health care) for Freedom. I voted for Bush 2x, and 2008 will be my 3rd (even if it don't count).