Sunday, July 16, 2006

Supporting Veterans -- Republican Style (Redux)

A couple of months ago I ran a piece about Supporting Veterans and how the DAV rated the votes of each member of congress when it came to supporting veterans' issues. It came as no surprise to me that the Repugs were at the lower end of the scale and the Dems were at the higher end.

The info was cited from the VA Watchdog website, and it was just a list by state. It made it a little hard to read and to extract the telling information, so all props to Theo over at Theo's Impressions & Such for doing the tedious job of copying the information and putting it into an easily-digestible spreadsheet table, arraying the members from lowest score to highest score.

The stark differences between the two parties now leaps off the screen at you. It ought to be totally embarrasing to the Repugs, but by now these guys are just incapable of embarrassment.

Nevertheless, this is good information to arm yourself with this fall when each and every one of the veteran-hating motherfuckers in the House -- and a lot of them in the Senate -- is up for reelection. Tell your friends and neighbors about your Repugnican congressman's dismal voting record on veterans issues, and let's all throw the bastards out!

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billie said...

i linked to this post. thanks for the info- it is important.